Commercial Water Distiller

Are you looking for a commercial water distiller capable of handling the needs of your business? Whether you need distiller for drinking water for your business, or to distill water for your commercial application, we have the solution for you. Our commercial water distiller comes in a variety of sizes, from 5-15 gallon standard models on up to custom models built to meet your needs.

Our easy to use, easy to maintain commercial water distiller is a product that uses proven technology to ensure that you are using the purest, cleanest water available.

For extreme cases, our commercial water distiller can be fitted with a 2 stage filter system for both heavy metals and contaminants as well as bacteria and microorganisms that contaminate your water. Our commercial water distiller system is great for many applications and will exceed your expectations.

How Do They Work?

The automatic filling feature is easily connected to a convenient water source. The automatic float level control coordinates precise filling of the boiler. When the boiler is full, the heating element is activated and the distilling process begins. When the storage reservoir volume is increased to the proper upper level, again the automatic controls will deactivate the boiler and will remain on standby. When the water level in the storage reservoir is reduced to the proper lower level, the boiler is automatically reactivated, and refills the storage reservoir with purified water.

All functions on the distillation unit are automatically controlled, and require no manual monitoring. Cleaning the boiler is quick and easy. First, turn off the electricity, then open the external valve located on the side. Drain away the contaminants that have been separated from the feed water. Permit the boiler to refill before turning on the electricity.

As you can see, the Running Waters commercial water distiller is definitely the best available option for any application. We look forward to serving your needs. Please contact us for any questions and be assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You will love our fresh, clean 100% water from Running Waters Inc.