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We are the only distiller manufacturer, which incorporates a waste heat recovery circuit.

Here’s how it works. The steam from the boiler enters behind the condenser at the top and circulates downward in a serpentine fashion, condensing into water. A small fan blows air across the condenser.

Now for the good part. The incoming cold water travels also in a serpentine fashion from the bottom of the condenser upward to the top absorbing heat from the cooling steam.

As a result the water entering the boiler no longer enters at 55 degrees requiring a temperature rise of approximately 155. This incoming water now enters your boiler at approximately 150 – 160 degrees. Now the heat required to increase the temperature to boiling is greatly reduced and lowering your electrical cost to produce a gallon of distilled water.

If your cost for electricity is 7-8 cents a kilowatt-hour, using a 1500-watt boiling element, your cost of operation will be from 10 – 12 cents per hour.

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