Do you have clean water in your home? There is a simple way to find out whether or not you need a home water distiller in your home. Have you heard about home water distillers but don’t think there is a difference between distilled or filtered water?

  • Fill some ice cube trays with the water you wish to test: well water, tap water or bottled water. Freeze.
  • Find a clear glass pitcher or clear drinking glass. Try to pick one with as few glass ripples as possible.
  • Before bed, fill the glass container with all the frozen cubes it will hold. Do your ice cubes have a color? Do they look milky? Watch what will happen in the morning.

Morning – Let’s now look at what our test is all about.

All natural water sources contain an amount of dissolved or entrained gasses. Also included are all the minerals, metals and whatever. Permitting your cubes to melt actually separates all this trapped matter. Only the H2O (water) freezes. The entrained material does not freeze. Therefore, as the cubes melt, only the H2O changes from a solid to a liquid.

As the H2O liquefies it exposes the micro pockets of gasses. These of course now go to atmosphere. As the liquefying continues the solids slide down the slippery ice surface. As gravity will have it, it settles in the bottom of your glass container. Can you see it? Looking through the container you will see the bottom layer where the water will appear hazy.

Finally look up through the bottom of the glass. See the stuff that is in your water? This is what you are drinking. If you like what you see, do not buy a distiller. On the other hand, if you do not like what you see I recommend drinking “pure, distilled” water without that visible sediment.

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