It’s common knowledge that you should drink 8 glasses or more of water every day to replace water that you lose through daily activity, as well as to keep your body healthy and happy. Drinking distilled water promotes weight loss and maintenance, helps with digestion, and in general is the fundamental building block to good health.

When people say that you are what you eat, they aren’t really far off the mark. More accurately they should say “You are what you drink!”, and not because it’s catchy, but because it’s absolutely true! When you drink water, it literally replaces water used in digestion and excretion. It becomes you. So when you are drinking impure water, what do you become?

Arsenic- some people who drink water containing arsenic over many years could experience skin damage, circulatory problems, and an increased risk of cancer. One source of arsenic in drinking water is embalming fluid leached over years from cemeteries. (Anyone for another glass of grandpa?)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)- VOC’s can cause cancer; kidney, liver, and brain damage; and damage to the nervous, reproductive, and immune systems. Some VOC’s are “endocrine impostors” that mimic hormones triggering biological reactions that wreak havoc in the brain, and in the immune and reproductive systems.

Viruses- can cause numerous health problems including gastroenteritis, poliomyelitis, fevers, rashes, paralysis, aseptic meningitis, gastrointestinal infections, and infectious hepatitis, among others.

Fluoride- a mutagen, fluoride also can cause dental fluorosis (a brittleness and staining of the teeth), I.Q deficits in children, skeletal fluorosis (brittleness and loss of bone mass), and it may cause or facilitate cancer growth

Drink Distilled Water? What’s the difference?

Distilled water contains 100% of the H20 and none of the impurities and additives that can be found in your tap water, and even in your bottled water. The only method of truly purifying your water is steam distillation. When you drink distilled water, you are filling yourself with pure H20 just like nature intended.

When you drink distilled water, you can help to ensure your health and well-being. If you need information about getting distilled water in your home, check out the Running Waters distiller for more information. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles and over time, and no matter what happens to the water in your community, you will always have peace of mind.