In the wake of recent events on the Gulf Coast many people have been asking the same questions: Is my local water supply contaminated, and how can I make sure that my family is protected from contaminated water? Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have had a major impact on the entire region, and has damaged water supplies, even totally destroyed the drinking water in some communities. Some areas were impacted by severely salinated water, while others had oil, fuel, and sewage in their water supplies and wells due to the flooding. The options are varied as to how to handle this situation. You can drink bottled or filtered water. You can also go with a clean drinking water distiller. The choices may not be as varied as you thought though. There are many different types of water purification – only one provides pure drinking water.

Bottles and Filters!

There are some pretty strong reasons why filtered water is good, and some pretty strong reasons why filtered water doesn’t cut it. Water from an outside source, in many cases, is simply bottled well water. While it may be filtered against some impurities, simple filtration is inadequate to completely purify your water. Is it bad? No. Water being one of the best solvents known, however, lends to it picking up particles of anything and everything that it touches. From chemical residue for plastic bottling to rock material from streams and waterways, all the way to bacteria and residue from the very filter that is supposed to clean it, water usually comes with something extra.

We’ve been drinking it since the dawn of time, so why change now?

It is well documented that the human body is 55% to 75% water. Also known is that when we drink water, we are replacing water that we have lost through digestion or excretion. The water that you consume actually becomes you! It also helps in digestion, helps regulate temperature. It is essential to weight loss and helps to keep the weight off. Body water cushions joints and bones and protects you from injury. Becoming dehydrated can cause you to retain water, and just like standing water becomes stagnant, retained water becomes polluted by your body as it absorbs toxins from your system. When you drink impure water, you are introducing those impurities to your system and they may stay there!

The Clean Drinking Water Distiller

Distillation is a process that occurs in nature – we can witness it by watching water evaporate. Have you ever left a container full of water out in the sun? When the water evaporates, it leaves behind a residue in its container. This residue is the same residue that water leaves behind in you! Clean drinking water distillers usually use steam distillation to mimic nature. When water becomes steam, it leaves behind all of the impurities and dead bacteria (that are killed by the boiling which produces steam) and becomes 100% pure H20. When the clean drinking water is recondensed, it is 100% pure, as it was intended by nature. A Running Waters clean drinking water distiller, for example, is capable of purifying your water just like nature intended. There is no cleaner source for water, not from a natural spring or from a bottle. Check our products out to find the right kind of clean drinking water distiller for you.