Pouring WaterRunning Waters Inc. has established itself as a solid manufacturer of home water treatment systems. Our Running Waters distiller is a home water treatment system capable of automatically converting your contaminated tap water into pure, 100% h20. It’s not some revolutionary process that cleans the water, nor is it a chemical additive or filtration method. While there are many new and wonderful methods of cleaning water, the Running Waters home water treatment system uses none of these things.

The secret is: There is no secret! We take our cues straight from Mother Nature to bring you a home water treatment system that uses steam distillation to produce 100% pure drinking water. Tap water isn’t pure. Bottled water isn’t pure. The only solution for pure water is steam distillation, and the best method to have a steam distillation home water treatment system is with one of our unique Running Waters home water treatment systems!

Don’t take our word for it. Get one of our home water treatment systems today. They easily tie in to existing water sources and automatically handle the task of refilling when needed – no effort is required, just hook up the water treatment system and enjoy clean, pure 100% H2O in your home. The applications for the Running Waters home treatment system are immeasurable. Distilled water is not for drinking alone!

Here’s How it Works!

  • Tap water is passed through the carbon pre-filter.
  • The float valve in the boiling chamber allows a predetermined amount of water from your tap into the boiling chamber.
  • The water is heated, creating steam.
  • The steam is passed through the radiator, recondensing to water.
  • When the storage tank is filled to a predetermined amount, the distiller is automatically shut off.
  • When you have taken a certain amount of water out of the storage tank (about 1 gallon) the unit switches back on until it is filled. The junk that was in your water is left in the boiler, to be cleaned out occasionally. You’ll be amazed at what was in your water.

Running Waters Inc. Home water treatment system is an effective way for you to purify your water at home. It brings convenience and functionality in an easy to operate unit. Our home water treatment system is ideal for home or commercial uses, and if we don’t have the capacity you are looking for we also can custom build to meet your specifications. Contact us today to find out more.