We say that distilling water removes contaminants and produces the highest possible quality pure drinking water. But, what exactly are these contaminants you may need removed from your tap or well water, and what are the health consequences of not removing them? And why not just buy bottled water? Let’s address all these questions.

First off, when you want a drink of water, that’s probably exactly what you wanted. You didn’t ask for any arsenic, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fluoride, radionuclides, lead, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, etc., you wanted pure drinking water. But, in many cases, they are there.

The human body is two-thirds water, and the quality of the water you put in is directly related to how well the human body will run. Following is a list of the contaminants that are most common in water supplies of the United States and the health problems they cause:

Arsenic– some people who drink water containing arsenic over many years could experience skin damage, circulatory problems, and an increased risk of cancer. One source of arsenic in drinking water is embalming fluid leached over years from cemeteries. (Anyone for another glass of grandpa?)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)– VOC’s can cause cancer; kidney, liver, and brain damage; and damage to the nervous, reproductive, and immune systems. Some VOC’s are “endocrine impostors” that mimic hormones triggering biological reactions that wreak havoc in the brain, and in the immune and reproductive systems.

Viruses– can cause numerous health problems including gastroenteritis, poliomyelitis, fevers, rashes, paralysis, aseptic meningitis, gastrointestinal infections, and infectious hepatitis, among others.

Fluoride– a mutagen, fluoride also can cause dental fluorosis (a brittleness and staining of the teeth), I.Q deficits in children, skeletal fluorosis (brittleness and loss of bone mass), and it may cause or facilitate cancer growth

Well, I’ll just drink bottled water you say. Think again! In a recent test of 1,000 bottles of 103 different brands of bottled water bought in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Texas and the District of Columbia, about ONE THIRD of the brands tested had at least one sample that was contaminated with high levels of pollutants that exceeded levels allowed by California or bottled water industry standards or guidelines. 22% of waters contained levels of synthetic compounds such as arsenic that exceeded the California limit, and 17% contained levels of bacteria above voluntary industry standards. This is not pure drinking water.

The FDA does not regulate water bottled and sold within the same state. In contrast, tap water is at least regulated by the EPA for minimum standards. Think on that the next time you grab for a bottle of water.

Distilling at home is the only way you can be certain 100% of the time to be pouring a glass of nothing but H2O – PURE DRINKING WATER! Distillation creates pure drinking water for you and your family. By reducing the water to vapor we can separate out the impurities, bacteria and harmful additives and minerals that are present in filtered and tap water. Are there health benefits to pure drinking water? Of course – it’s the way nature intended it to be.